Buying Time & The Danny Butler Memorial Fund

The Danny Butler Memorial Fund (the “Fund”) is dedicated to funding game changing oncological research throughout the world as the leading doctors close in on a cure. Colorectal cancer is the focus of the Fund. In addition, patients who have demonstrated financial distress as a result of the overwhelming economic impact of personally fighting this disease will be eligible for Fund assistance. 

The Fund was inspired by Danny Butler who was diagnosed with Stage 4 colorectal cancer at age 37. At age 39, he was written off by every top doctor in Los Angeles. Except one, Dr. Heinz-Josef Lenz. Dr. Lenz is a world renowned clinical oncologist involved in leading research in global trials while also treating patients. His brilliance and involvement in cutting edge research bought Dan, and all of us, 5 more years. Hence the name BUYING TIME. In those 5 years Dan became a golfer and golf champion, boater, surfer, fly fisherman, downhill skier and Colorado lover, a successful writer and beloved Uncle to his nieces Margot, Quinn and Emma as well as his only nephew, Liam. He lived a lifetime in the time they said he didn’t have.

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Your donations and investments in the leading researchers will literally BUY TIME for patients and doctors. This Fund is committed to excellence and will attempt to fund only the world’s leading minds and high impact research. 

Your involvement makes you a part of the Buying Time family tree, an evolving network of support with access to the same world leading doctors and research we are supporting. 

As Dan liked to say, your help will help we hope!